Our vision for the Odyssey Trust for Education

We believe that by working together, pooling our resources, expertise and assets, we are ready to make a difference to the lives and education of young people living locally.

As well as strong strategic leadership, effective governance and the security of financial stability, we will establish access to a range of excellent central services and economies of scale through pooled resources.

The MAT derives its name from the classical poem by Homer, referenced in the Tennyson poem “Ulysses” which describes the journey home of Odysseus after the Trojan war.

He and his crew overcome many difficulties and challenges and the motto of the proposed MAT is taken from the poem:

“one equal temper of heroic hearts”

We believe that a high performing Grammar School can have a positive influence on students in the wider area. By supporting the education of students in a non-selective setting, as well as applying successful professional development, training and recruitment procedures, we can have a lasting and sustainable impact on the lives and life chances of young people in Bexley and potentially beyond.

Townley Grammar School has been successful in supporting social mobility for its students and aspires to extend this to a wider group of disadvantaged young people through providing rich learning experiences, extensive extra curricular opportunities and aspirational goals for the students of both schools.

Together we can successfully overcome the challenges that all schools face and our students’ educational journeys can be the foundation for life long and life wide achievement.

We are ambitious for our students and believe that ambition is best served by collaboration and mutual endeavour.


• Longer term financial security
• Bargaining power
• Economies of scale
• Retention and recruitment of staff through CPD opportunities
• Collaboration on curriculum and Teaching & Learning

King Henry School

• A new beginning
• Creating ambition and aspiration
• Embracing change

Why King Henry School?

• Henry VIII, flagship fitted out at naval dockyard at Erith docks
• The ‘Great Harry’
• King Harry the nickname for Henry V (battle of Agincourt 1415)
• Two kings
• Symbols of Ambition and Aspiration